things i can and cannot do while cooking:


Use every single utensil in the kitchen


Use anything less

El Pecador - Los Panchos

Sundays…if it were possible to wrap you up and take you around in my pocket, I would.

Her manner is shy, but casual and friendly, and her gamine face crinkles easily into an attractive, rather secret smile. She wore a simple black sweater and gray skirt; if she is a vain girl the only indication of it was her high-heeled shoes, which were of elegantly worked light gray leather.

-Francoise Sagan

His memory for dates is superhuman. Without consulting a diary or datebook, he would say things to me like: “The four worst summers of my life were in ’92, ’01, ’07, and ’08”; “I started working on Imperial Bedroomsin June ’06, and during that time The Informers premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January of ’09 but opened theatrically in the U.S. in April of ’09, and then I finished Imperial Bedrooms in May ’09”; “I left New York for good, and with a bad coke hangover, on June 16, 2006.”

-Brett Easton Ellis

Well, I don’t know. I know Dostoyevsky was always in a miserable state, but you can’t say he deliberately chose psychological discomforts. No, I doubt that strongly. I don’t think anyone chooses these things, unless unconsciously. I do think many writers have what you might call a demonic nature. They are always in trouble, you know, and not only while they’re writing or because they’re writing, but in every aspect of their lives, with marriage, love, business, money, everything. It’s all tied together, all part and parcel of the same thing. It’s an aspect of the creative personality. Not all creative personalities are this way, but some are.

-Henry Miller

I have dedicated myself to reading the entire back catalog of The Paris Review’s Art of Fiction series.

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso

“I guess we often get the deep blues, both of us, and wonder what it all means - the people, the buildings, the day by day things, the waste of time, of ourselves.”
— Charles Bukowski

Face-o-Mat performing at “Liste” during Art Basel 2014

Amica Magazine

There is something so luxurious about linen. It comes from the flax plant and is one of the oldest textiles in existence. It is handcrafted and cannot be successfully produced on a mass scale. Of all the textile and synthetics available today, to me, none can come close to the natural beauty of linen.

Nancy From Now On - Father John Misty

Later homies, Buck and I are off to do some fly fishing in Montana for the next week. 

Desert House by Marmol Radziner

Lombok typeface by Alexandre Pietra

Mari Giudicelli for Haight

Gigantic - Pixies

Spending today wearing ripped denim and listening to this song. Makes me feel like I’m in High School again, a time when I wanted so badly to be Kim Deal (think I still do).

The Tree of Life in Bahrain is one of the world’s loneliest trees. The mesquite tree sits at the highest point in the barren desert of Bahrain, hundreds of miles from the another natural tree and is thought to have tap roots reaching hundreds of feet down to aquifers. The exact age of the tree is unknown though it’s generally believed to be more than 400 years old.

Lacking any visible source of water, the 32-foot mesquite tree has baffled visitors and scientists alike for its entire life as it has continued to grow. Although the mesquite tree is known for holding a great deal of water in its massive root system, there is still no source of water in sight. Even arid vegetation needs water to survive, which makes Bahrain’s Tree of Life even more mysterious.

Without a rational explanation for the tree’s biological success, many have turned to mythology and religion for answers. Some assert that Enki, an ancient god of water in Babylonian and Sumerian mythology, protects the tree. Others still believe the site is the historical location of the Garden of Eden.

Whatever the answer, the tree has shown no sign of dying, and continues to inspire as it stands proudly in the tiny desert nation. Only a mile from the tree is the hazy Jebel Dukhan, the highest point in Bahrain. From 440 feet above sea level, the hill allows for a true appreciation of the barren landscape in which this tree has thrived.

Slice Inlay rings. Hello lovelies.