The Water’s Wide - Sea Wolf

The loveliest long weekend in the mountains of Asheville with my Buck, the sweetest man that has ever existed.

Loving Kieley Kimmel’s FW 14 collection, Color is Heat.

Mondo Bongo - Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros 

The perfect song for the last warm evenings of summer.

today i’d rather be wearing…

"A drawing experiment that accidentally became about the life cycle of a marker." 

By Skip Dolphin Hursh

Erotico/Violento by Rocío Fernández Fuks

“To keep my health, to do my work, to love, to live; to see to it I gain and grow and give and give; never to look behind me for an hour, never to wait in weakness, nor to brag in power, always working, searching for more truth and more light”
— our bottle of Dr. Bronner’s hemp lavender castile soap

I Got It Bad and That Ain’t Good - Nina Simone

My parents aren’t really what you’d call “music people”, though over the years they amassed a supreme record collection that I have inherited much of. One of the few musicians that my mother really encourage me to listen to was Nina Simone. She sounds like growing up, like learning to enjoy records, and like being alone in my room and first discovering something new that I loved.

I think of this song on Mondays a lot, and on particular ones like today, it can beat inside of you like a drum. 

Carolina Mackintosh's photography series Thigh Deep somehow makes skinny dipping look elegant. My memories of such things involve too much Smirnoff Ice and underage breaking-and-entering into my neighborhood pool….she wins.  

“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.”
— Eduardo Galeano
Knee decorated by Picasso, 1950, photograph by Robert Picault

Knee decorated by Picasso, 1950, photograph by Robert Picault

With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley

"Now, some days they last longer than others but this day by the lake went too fast." This song is just the perfect thing for windows-down road trips to my family’s house on Smith Mountain Lake. August, please don’t ever end!

Vintage Michelle Pfieffer, she’s just the very loveliest.